Webinar graphic depicting sports brand activations and connecting with esports fans

Webinar: Exploring Brand Activations in Esports

Esports are presenting new and innovative ways for brands and rights holders to establish meaningful connections with fans and consumers. However, a certain level of understanding is key to fully grasp the opportunities esports have to offer. In this webinar, Joe Marsh, CEO of T1 Entertainment & Sports, and Tia Smith, Esports Lead from GumGum Sports join FOS CEO Adam White for a discussion on how brands and traditional sports properties can activate in esports with real-life examples of how brands are seeing success.

What’s Inside

  • How the landscape of esports is changing and what kind of value esports is bringing to brands
  • Advice for brands and rights holders who are looking to invest in esports and how they can be successful
  • How traditional sports can draw inspiration from esports
  • The most in-demand brand placements in 2020