Media Values of In-Venue Exposures for Rights Holders

Relo Metrics has developed an innovative approach for measuring in-venue activations to provide rights holders with a more holistic and well-rounded measurement solution that captures the overall value of in-venue assets as fans consume them.

In-Venue Measurement

Our in-venue measurement solution will provide rights holders with: 

  • A measure of quality and quantity of in-venue exposures from the perspective of fans in stands, to understand interaction, visibility, and engagement of all assets in the stadium.

  • The same metrics you see across other channels from Relo (Full Media Value, Sponsor Media Value, Impressions, Exposures, etc) so you can compare and contrast the performance of assets in-venue to on broadcast, streaming, and social.

What fans are seeing, we are measuring.

Our initial solution will evaluate all TV-visible signage in the stadium, such as field-level signage, rotational LED’s, and scoreboards. Any signage that is visible to fans while they are seated in their ticketed seat will be included. 

With a few inputs given to us by you (to ensure the most accurate values!), we will calculate the number of exposures and impressions for each placement-sponsor combination and give each a value and display this information in the Media Value Center.

Are You Ready to Measure In-Venue Sponsorships in Your Media Value Center?

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