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Pay for Play: The Esports Opportunity

If you’re like many marketers, you’ve been hearing about the esports opportunity for a couple of years now. And while the idea of competitive video gaming may seem mystifying to some, the dollars flowing in—and the number of eyeballs watching—are bound to give even the most cynical marketer pause. Esports is no longer emerging. It’s here.

However, for many brands, esports is such a new opportunity that there is little institutional knowledge. This guide aims to transform you from n00b to Elite. To get started, here are some highlights:

What’s Inside

  • By 2021, global esports revenues will rocket to $1.65 billion, $1.4 billion of which will come directly from brand investment. Learn more about what makes this audience so special.
  • There are many groups involved in esports that can help brands align with the surging fan base. Inside is a quick reference of who's who. Plus, real esports rankings, based on exclusive Q3 2018 analysis of social reach for team, player, and influencer accounts.

  • From sponsored jersey patches to Twitch overlays to in-stream integrations, there's ample opportunity for your brand to get in the action.
  • Refer to the best practices section for cheat codes such as how to reduce your risk of missing out on the next hot game (e.g. Fortnite) and then create a playbook that shows results for your brand.