Sponsorship Analytics Just Got a Currency-Grade Upgrade

The most comprehensive, accurate & granular set of sponsorship data that values all assets across all five major US leagues: NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and NFL is finally here. We're talking every minute of every game, for every brand across broadcast and social.

Redefining Sports Valuation

We've meticulously crafted Relo Census to address a major gap in the market, ensuring that our clients are getting currency-grade data to measure sponsorship.

Relo Census is the broadest set of sponsorship data the industry has ever seen. 

Key benefits:

  • Complete Coverage: We cover every team, brand & asset across all 5 major leagues on broadcast and social media, making it the most comprehensive sports sponsorship dataset in the industry.

  • Precision Meets Insight: Granular data, powered by computer vision, offering unparalleled accuracy.

  • Timely Intelligence: With near real-time insights, data is coming in as the plays are being called. No more waiting for end-of-season reporting. 
Census Prototype

Actionable Insights that Go Beyond Data

When talking about sports sponsorships, it's not just about having data. It's about understanding, interpreting, and leveraging it to its full potential. Relo Census isn't just a tool; it is your strategic ally designed to provide clarity in a complex landscape and enable brands, agencies, and rights holders to make smarter (faster) decisions.

A Panoramic Data Landscape

Evaluating sponsorships is vast and varied. To navigate it effectively, you need a comprehensive view, and zero blind spots. With Relo Census, you get just that. 

  • Benchmarking Excellence: Compare placements within or across leagues, creating strategic superiority.

  • Competitive Intel: Decipher competitor strategies, investments, and returns, positioning yourself for success.

  • Continuous Improvement: Refine your approach continuously, ensuring you're always in the lead.

Easy Integration Access

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency is key. But efficiency shouldn't come at the cost of access. The data powering Relo Census ensures you get the best of both worlds.

  • Data Warehousing: Integrate with our API so your data is always up-to-date and available where you want it. 

  • Access via Snowflake: Unlock the full potential of Relo Metrics’ complete Census dataset within Snowflake.

  • Always-On Dashboard: Customizable insights at your fingertips, facilitating agile decision-making.

Strategic Decisions & Sales Boost

Success in sponsorship is a blend of the right partnerships, understanding market dynamics, and timely action. Relo Census is your guide to achieving this trifecta.

  • Informed Partnerships: Choose the right partners to maximize mutual growth and value addition.

  • Market Mastery: Understand your position, identify gaps, and seize opportunities before competitors.

What Sets Relo Census Apart


brands detected across broadcast and social from the 5 Major US leagues, including all
153 teams. 


games per year tracked and analyzed, varies by playoff series by sport. 


view of the data. Not just your data - the entire industry at your fingertips. 


Are You Ready For The Most Comprehensive Sports Sponsorship Dataset?

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Here's what we're hearing... 

Atlanta Hawks Stadium

“Measurement needs to keep pace with the growing sophistication in sports marketing. Relo Metrics' innovative technology and significant scale have allowed Optimum Sports to dig into sponsorship measurement beyond traditional restraints.”

“The Relo Census product offers a look into categories and competitive brand activity that supplements our research and analytics capabilities. In a space that traditionally lacks data transparency, Relo Census is a great data source to help inform us of trends and support our decision-making.”



Tom McGovern
President, Optimum Sports

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