Stanley Black & Decker Saves $1.3M in Sponsorship Value

Using Relo Metrics' sponsorship intelligence platform, not only did Stanley Black & Decker have an easy-to-use solution to measure their expected return on investment across each sponsorship partnership, but they uncovered after one match that one of their partnerships was going to miss their KPI and was able to adjust course with that partner and save the partnership.
Learn how they used Relo Metrics’ sponsorship intelligence platform to streamline and optimize their sponsorship portfolio.

Stanley Black & Decker was able to:

  • Justify to their c-suite the value from their sponsorships and grow sponsorship budget
  • Set standard KPIs across all of their sponsorship partners and determine which partners were pacing against goals and which were not
  • Identify lost opportunities in real-time and work with their partner to get added value and make goods
  • Use concrete data and examples to negotiate better assets and deals with each sponsorship partner