Brand viewability and media value during Super Bowl LVII

The NFL continued its dominance on linear broadcast, with NFL games accounting for 82 out of 100 of the most watched TV programs in 2022.

The Super Bowl is consistently at the top of the most watched list, with its audience size falling below the 100 million mark only three times since 2010. As such, the Big Game is a great way for the official partners of the NFL to reach a significant audience. The question is: what impact does this viewership have on brands who are competing for the attention of that audience?

This white paper will examine: linear broadcast brand visibility during the Big Game, Apple Music's first half-time show, and areas of opportunity for both the NFL and its brand partners to capitalize on in the future.


In this white paper we examine:

  • The overall broadcast TV viewability and exposure value generated by brands which received TV visible exposure during the course of the game 
  • How Apple Music maximized value in their first ever Super Bowl half-time show, what they learned from Pepsi, and where they can boost viewability in the coming years
  • Missed opportunities for further brand viewability and exposure value; what placements the league can consider to create high-impact inventory for partners
  • The similarities and differences in brand visibility between Super Bowl VII and the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final