2020 was a year like no other for the Texas Rangers. They faced playing in an empty stadium, with half the normal number of home games, followed by the curveball of hosting the World Series.   

Their leadership recognized the need to act quickly in order to grow and preserve partnerships in the face of much uncertainty. They also saw the importance of utilizing data to make these strategic decisions. 

The Texas Rangers turned to Relo Metrics to help them solve these critical challenges.


  • The Rangers were finding it difficult to leverage measurement data to prove to partners that they were driving value and meeting brand objectives. They knew they needed faster data so they could quickly share big wins with partners, and to optimize signage and branded content campaigns throughout the season.
  • Another challenge for the team was effectively identifying and measuring new asset opportunities that would help to drive value for their existing partners. Their leadership saw that providing this analysis would help them expand their preexisting partnerships, but they didn’t have access to the granular level of data required to achieve this goal. 
  • The Rangers also needed to get a better understanding of the true value of makegoods and underperforming assets during a reduced  season played in an empty stadium.

The Solution

To meet these challenges, they turned to Relo Metrics’ analytics platform to track and optimize their full portfolio of partners. 

Using image and video recognition to spot all sponsor exposure for the season across broadcast and social media—including playoffs and the World Series—The Rangers were able to analyze, optimize and report on sponsorship exposure in near real-time. They also received support from a dedicated customer success team for consultation and best practices.

Texas Rangers chose Relo Metrics for their:

  • Single solution analytics platform that can be used cross-functionally by partnership sales, activations, marketing and social media.
  • Near real-time data to identify and track makegoods and new sponsorship assets.
  • Partner-ready downloadable reports to develop strategic partner touchpoints and demonstrate high-value moments as they happen.

"Relo Metrics has been instrumental in helping us shift away from traditional end of season reporting, to a proactive, high-touch partnership model, resulting in the expansion of several partners into 7-figure deals. We now have all the data at our fingertips so we can focus on driving results for partners that result in increased sponsorship revenue."


Working with Relo Metrics, the Texas Rangers grew their local sponsorship revenue by providing partners with proof of performance for high-value moments, including viral moments and nationally broadcasted games. 

Relo Metrics’ platform offered team members across marketing, sales and activations easy access to real-time data and detailed sponsor reports in a matter of seconds. 

The Rangers also tapped into Relo Metric’s detailed analytics to evaluate individual sponsor placements and branded content campaigns, allowing them to understand and  evaluate makegood opportunities. This enabled them to not only retain, but actually to grow several of their partners into 7 figure deals.  

The Rangers increased local partnerships, such as Germania Insurance, into larger deals by providing new opportunities to generate value.

In the face of uncertainty due to COVID-19, The Rangers were able to optimize revenue retention by identifying and tracking makegood opportunities easily within one platform.

The team brought on new partners that don’t typically sponsor within sports by using Relo Metrics’ data to show the predicted value of sponsorship investments.