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The Future of Sponsorship

For too long, sports sponsorships have been an inexact science. With the technology we have today, sponsors and rights holders shouldn’t have to guess about what’s working. 

The Future of Sponsorships, outlines the six ways technology will build greater trust and performance between sponsors and rights holders.  We also take a deep dive into the astonishing true media value of sports sponsorships and uncover how, without a cross-channel approach, traditional valuations have a long way to go.

What’s Inside

  • We estimate somewhere between 40-60 percent of every leagues’ inventory is missing a significant portion of its overall value.
  • We believe data management platforms (DMPs) can validate how many fans actually purchase products or services from a rights holder, as a sponsorship KPI, over time.
  • Our research tells us that the key to more accurate media value measurement is the ability to track data against a goal or industry standard.
  • Our analysis found that the combination of TV and social media team sponsorships drives $3 billion alone in media value back to the NHL's sponsors, representing a 4.7x ROI.