Graphic of social media impact on sports sponsorships

The Social Side of Sports Sponsorships Guide

Sports signage has always been viewed as a traditional media buy that’s valued on the television exposure it generates. But in today’s media environment, that’s no longer the case, as fans increasingly turn to digital channels. So shouldn’t we think about sports signage as a true cross-channel play, with the appropriate metrics to back that up?

Advancements in image recognition and artificial intelligence make tracking the social value of sports signage possible, giving brands a level of transparency that wasn’t imaginable just a few years ago.

What’s Inside

  • Why social sharing is now more important than TV
  • Interview with the Golden State Warriors’ senior director of digital experience, Jeremy Thum, and director of partnership marketing and creative, Matt Artin
  • The importance of scanning unofficial social accounts
  • The six key quality factors that go into the Media Value Percentage (MVP) methodology
  • The brand value of a trending sports highlight
  • 7 Relo Metrics Signage Insights based on social media valuations conducted during the 2016-2017 NBA season