Women's Super League Insights and Trends

In 1921, the FA banned women from playing football, and did not lift the ban until 1971.

Now, 101 years after the ban was first imposed, women’s football is gaining back its agency, identity, and audience. Landmark moments such as England’s victory in the 2022 EUROs and the professionalisation of the Women’s Super League epitomise the increased attention and growth of women’s football within the UK.

Women’s teams have now the opportunity to capitalise on this surge in excitement, starting from maximising the value that their shirt sponsors receive on social media. The focus of this analysis is on the performance of the front of shirt, technical, and sleeve sponsors during the first months of 2022 / 2023 season.

The goal of this report is to understand common trends, themes, and nuances that impact overall value creation.


In this early insights report we examine:

  • The rise of women's football and how both clubs and brands can continue their collaboration to continue their growth trajectory and reach new audiences
  • How having alignment on goals between your sponsorship and social content teams can pay lucrative dividends 
  • The dichotomy of table position, fanbase size, and social media audience and how those variables ultimately impact Social Media engagements, and value
  • Differing strategies for best leveraging Social Media to drive engagements (hint: behind the scenes content is a major winner here)